Can you no longer find your Pictures folder after upgrading to macOS Big Sur or buying a Mac with Big Sur preinstalled? In older versions of macOS, you could navigate to the Pictures folder by clicking {your-name} under Favorites in Finder. Although it’s been hidden now, you can easily bring it back.

Here’s how:

In Finder’s top menu, click Go > Home. You’ll see a number of folders including Pictures.

Pictures folder in macOS Big Sur

Simply drag and drop it into the sidebar under Favorites. Done!

(Another way to do this: Finder > Preferences > Sidebar > add a check mark to Pictures.)

PS: If you are looking for the Pictures folder, you probably want to access your Photos Library by right-clicking and selecting Get Info? To find out what lies within your Photos library and how to access it safely, read this short article.

Cropping is the most time-consuming part of scanning photos. This post shows you how to automate cropping, in order to speed things up.

When you scan photos or an album with a scanner or digital camera, the scans will look like this:

scanned photos: One photo and multiple photos

Some scanners can automatically crop the scans, but…

Apple’s macOS and iOS devices have supported High Efficiency Image File Container (HEIC) images for quite some time now. Such files require about half as much storage space as equivalent quality JPEG files. But if you do need to convert HEIC format images to JPEG, it’s easily done on your…

When you only have one Photos library, Mac Photos automatically designates it as the system library. Once you create additional Photos libraries, you need to pick one as the system library. This will be the only library that can be synced with your iCloud Photos library.

If you have multiple…

Old printed photos sometimes acquire a color cast —an unwanted, unnatural color tinge affecting the entire picture. The tint may be pink, orange, blue or another color. It could be due to a wrong camera setting (e.g. …

Do you want to scan old photos but don’t have a good scanner, or find it too slow and tedious? Use a smartphone or DSLR camera instead. If holding the camera steady is difficult for you, make these DIY rigs for hands-free, shake-free scanning. …

There’s a lot you can do with Photos, and a lot you can’t. Apple takes good care of your photos, but leaves limited control with you. Accessing the photos directly or getting them out of Photos exactly as you want isn’t easy.

There are many reasons why you might want…

Going batty cooped up in your quarantine cave, eating same old-same old everyday? Try this secret family recipe.

Qingping Bat and Apple Soup

Serves 4

400g bat, trimmed (fruit bat is good)
3 red apples, skinned, sans core and pits
8 red dates, pits removed
25g black wood fungus, soaked
1 slice orange peel, julienned
8 bowls…

Don’t you have tons of photos, lying buried in albums, phones or CDs, that you haven’t seen for ages? If yes, fish out 20–30 that you really like…because there are so many EASY ways to give those memories a new life. …

You cherish those photos that bring back memories — of special people, places or events. When those memories fade, the photos lose their meaning. In old days, people made notes behind photos. In digital photos, you can add digital notes — captions and metadata. …

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